Fox's Story



Wooly’s Foxy Image CD AX CGC TT SAR/A

Schipperke NM536371/04


DOB Mar 11 94


Owner: Patricia Boggs


Fox is a very special dogs who gives his life in the service of man. At only 8 weeks of age, Fox began to follow in the footsteps of his sire, Toni’s Wooly Bear CD CGC TT SAR/A.

We had been in search work for 3 years, and this time I knew I had a special pup. From the first, tracks, runaways and obedience all came so easy. I loved his trainablity. As we progressed, he learned all of the necessary skills in control, agility and scent work. He thrived on hard work and fun. His motto became "I work for food" as we did find after find in mock searches.

Then came Oklahoma City. I found myself on stand-by and knew that Fox and I didn’t have enough training. We attended a national workshop in Wall Doxey State Park, Mississippi, to learn from Mr. Bill Dotson about Disaster recovery. He was amazing with his small size and determination. He was now only 2 years of age.

From Water searches, to Tornados, to Forensic Science, Fox adds skills at National workshops each year. As an all-round dog, we see a lot of service hours on local searches..His help on about 20 searches per year, have given closure and comfort to so many families.

On March 1st, 1997, we were working mock searches all morning. At 4:00 PM that afternoon, with a tired dog, we responded to a real Tornado search in Saline County Arkansas. It was our first natural disaster of this size. For hours we searched the debris and cleared home after home. One victim was located, and sadly, reported dead to the waiting recovery teams.

Our searching ended for that day at midnight. After a few brief hours of rest, we started again in the breaking light of morning. Another 6 hours were to pass, before we had cleared all of the homes within the area assigned. No more were found, but that small black dog never stopped looking.

Fox also gives school programs to teach Hug A Tree. It is a great time for Fox who loves the children and the limelight. He participates with me in School Career days and Therapy visits at the local VA Hospital. His cheery, but quiet attitude, gives pleasure to so many. At Hospitals, searches, or schools, Fox is there with a hug, a kiss and a snuggle. Brave, hard working and loving, he gives so much in the local community.

But Fox is more than just a Search Dog...he is my friend, my partner and my competition dog. To relieve our stress, we love to run our agility trails. He has shown his famous control and easily won all of the Standard titles of NA, OA and AX. He offered his talents to star in the Wizard Of Oz Play at the Arkansas Rep in 1998-99, winning the hearts of the children as Toto.

As his work in SAR became more important, we have had to forgo the pleasure of the ring. He stands ready to serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And all I have to do is say..."Ready to Search" and once more we set off to serve the Arkansas community.

Submitted by Pat Boggs

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